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Import / Export Customs


Customs is a national organization which manages the security and integrity of Australia’s borders. It works closely with other government and international agencies, in particular the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Department of Defence, to detect and deter unlawful movement of goods and people across the border. It is important for you to be aware of customs in order to satisfy all its implication for your business and to help maintain the security and integrity of Australia’s borders.


When importing goods into Australia it is important to be aware of the various restrictions placed by the Australian Government. The control can be either through absolute prohibition of the goods, through to a restriction for which you would need written permission to import. Here at Quinn Lawyer’s we can advise you on what goods are strictly prohibited and what goods are restricted in order for your business to be able to comply with the requirements.


When exporting goods from Australia the Government laws and policies prohibits the exporting of certain goods either absolutely or conditionally and to adequately record Australia’s international trade. Totally prohibited goods include the export of protected wildlife, some heritage items, selected weapons and other dangerous goods. Conditionally prohibited goods may be exported only if all the necessary export permits are obtained. Quinn Lawyer’s can help you understand the distinction between prohibits and conditions as well as help you organised all the necessary permits needed for conditional goods.


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