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Marketing Plan


A typical Marketing Plan should include the following elements:

1. Executive Summary
This section of the marketing plan will summarise key ideas, findings and recommendations made in the body of the marketing plan. It should be concise and presents an overall picture of the business and the market.

2. Situation Analysis
This section of the marketing plan examines the business’ internal and external environment, particularly:

– Macro-environment: economy, legal, technology etc
– Market Analysis: market size, industry structure, competition etc
– Consumer Analysis: demographics, motivations etc
– Internal Analysis: resources, objectives etc
– SWOT Analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

3. Marketing Research

This section will discuss the findings of any market research you have conducted, as well as recommendations that have been made based on these findings.

4. Marketing Strategy

This section details the activities that will be undertaken to ensure that the business’ marketing objectives are met. Strategies are usually categorized under the following headings:

– Product
– Price
– Promotion
– Distribution
– Implementation

5. Financial Summary

This section should examine the finances of the business with regards to marketing and sales. It may include a marketing budget and sales forecast.

6. Conclusions and Recommendations

Key findings and recommendations should be discussed in this section, along with any limitations of the marketing plan itself.


Without considering all of these and making adequate and complete plans, you increase the risk of business failure. It is important to ensure that the strategies and recommendations set out in your marketing plan are implemented. Creating a marketing plan only to have it sit on a shelf will only waste your time and energy.

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