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Where To Start


There are several things you need to consider before you start a business in Australia. The information listed below offers advice on the key aspects of researching and setting up your business. Because starting a business is an enormous undertaking, it is important that you seek professional advice before making a large investment in the idea.

Before making any concrete decisions, it is important to first develop a well defined and realistic business strategy. It is then ideal to evaluate and assess the businesses strengths and weaknesses, as well as threats and opportunities that may affect the business if it were to be set up in Australia.  A large amount of planning should go into the initial stages.

The Quinn Group recommends incorporating the following aspects into your research:

Here at The Quinn Group, our years of experience in taxation, law and accounting will ensure that you get tailored advice on how to start your business in Australia. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about starting up a business in Australia please contact us +61 2 9223 9166 or submit an online enquiry.